Nutritional Therapy Coaching

Ending diet dogma and changing your relationship with food can be life changing.

Imagine if you confidently knew what to eat each day to support your mental health, reduce inflammation, 

encourage better sleep, or to have steady energy.

What if I told you that better eating doesn’t mean more restriction or overwhelming rules? My friend, eating well is delicious,

affordable, and liberating with the right tools and know-how and I want to share my toolkit with you.

Now Is A Great Time

Regardless if you’re a parent, a grandmother, recovering from surgery, or fit as fiddle…


My goal is to offers you the tools, resources, and support to inform and empower you. You can change your your energy, sleep, digestion, or physique with what is on the end of the fork. 

Understand Evidence Based Nutrition

End the confusion and eat according to what YOU need. There is never a one size fits all.

Learn How Your Body Communicates

Understand your body’s language, aka symptoms. Your afternoon energy drop says a lot about what your body needs to thrive.

Create Food Freedom

You can fully enjoy food again, there is no reason why you should feel restricted in your day to day or guilty when you splurge. 

The Coaching Process

The Initial Consultation

This is our very first appointment where we dive deep into your health history, current symptoms, and goals. We spend as much time as needed to understand why you’re feeling the way that you are from a nutrient perspective. So if you’re confused why you’re bloated all the time, you can’t get a handle on how burned out you feel, or if your hormones are all across the board we’ll start to determine the best plan of action from a dietary perspective.

I do not treat or diagnose, rather I consider my coaching as complimentary to any medical care you’re currently receiving. Nutrition is the unsung hero regardless if you’re fit as fiddle, a brand new mom, or going through menopause. Most of us have dietary gaps that may be contributing to fatigue, your mood, hormone imbalances, or lack of restorative sleep.

The Tool Kit

Initial Interview Questionnaire

It’s an in depth review of your history (including family history, birth, and infancy), goals, sleep, current diet and lifestyle. This is where we peer into the corners of your past and present to find how food can serve you.

Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

Let’s look at your symptoms in depth and create a dietary and lifestyle protocol.

Nutritional Therapy Coaching stems from the philosophy that nutrient dense food has the ability to support your health and wellbeing. Yet, diet alone cannot and should not replace medicine in any or all circumstances. Although many symptoms may be prevented or even lessened with dietary and lifestyle changes, many others cannot. As an NTP, I do not treat, diagnose, or prescribe but I rather believe that your health is best supported from multiple facets with your MD, therapist, and/or herbalist when and as needed.

Food And Mood Journal

This is where all the stars align and you can start to connect the dots between the food your eating and how it influences your mood and physical well being. This is where we shut off autopilot and bring awareness to your day. Is your food serving you or hindering you?

The Continued Support

You are amazing and are fully capable of loving your self in a deeper way than a bubble bath or a glass of wine can ever help. When you are well nourished, you are well supported and are able to fully show up in your world. Food is the foundation of how you achieve your personal and professional goals, how you support your family, and how resilient you are to stress.

I’m in your corner, I’m the cheerleader you’ve never had, your success is my priority. We have weekly check in’s and follow up’s every three weeks. I am here to enlighten, encourage, and  hold you accountable as you navigate the path to a better relationship with food and a deeper understanding of what true nourishment is.

What Clients Are Saying

LOVE this woman! So informative without judgement, without blame or shame. Correcting my eating as well as my mindset was a herculean task. But Varian waits for me to catch up with myself and instigates thought rather than prescribing regimes.

Gentle and thought provoking, she’s helped me create a state of wellness that I could not have done on my own regardless of how much I thought I knew already.

Dana H.

On July 2, 2018 I started a 12 month custom nutritional therapy program. I didn’t know for a fact that this program would work, but I believed it would. I trusted Varian’s advice, stepped out on her direction, and took a leap based on her expertise not mine. Where did I land?

On July 2, 2019, I landed in a place where my A1C has dropped below a diabetic level, chronic inflammation is gone, my energy has appeared, while pain has disappeared, my hair has thicken, my skin is brighter, and I’m 50 pounds lighter. In a nut shell, I am more alive today than I was 12 months ago and I am so grateful that I took that leap.

La Shawn H.

Ready To Feel Like Yourself Again?

Let’s start by filling out my coaching application.

After, we’ll hop on the phone for a discovery call and get to know each other better!