Stop the diet roller coaster


The power of food

Many people are frustrated that despite their best dieting efforts they’re no closer to their health goals. We’ve been told that supporting your health often requires you to adhere to a strict diets that often feel unsustainable and restricted.

The dieting rollercoaster leads to confusion, frustration, and disappointment.

The problem isn’t you… it’s the cookie-cutter dieting. 

You’re a unique individual and deserve to enjoy a tailored way of eating.

The Illumine Nutrition Academy is a 6-week reset program to help you dial in your diet to what works for you. You’ll learn exactly how to nourish your body for balanced hormones, improved mental clarity, healthier digestion, and deeper sleep.

After working with clients for nearly a decade, nutritionist, Varian Hans has found that people simply need to understand the power of food and how to tailor it to themselves. Most folks don’t need a strict diet to maintain their health. She understands how frustrating it is to try every diet under the sun and still not know what your body needs to thrive.


Break Up With Dieting For Good

Step 1:

Stop The Cookie-Cutter Dieting

Step 2:

Join The Illumine Nutrition Academy

Step 3:

Enjoy The Power of Tailored Nourishment

What You May Expect To Gain In Six Short Weeks:

To glean a better understanding of how to nourish yourself as the individual you are

Less bloating, improved mental clarity, deeper sleep, increased energy, and a supported metabolism

The plan needed to make cooking less of a chore

You’ll know how to support your health regardless if you’re on vacation, eating out, or on the go

Comradery and support from a like-minded community

Accountability with nutritionist Varian Hans in a weekly group Q&A

The Illumine Nutrition Academy’s Pillars


Your Pantry To Turn Your Kitchen Into A Haven


Your Energy Levels, Mental Clarity and Support Your Metabolic Health


Your Bowels. Support Digestion For Improved Health


Your Nervous System for Improved Sleep and Stress Resiliency

The Details:

  • 6 Modules to Take you From Dietary Confusion to Clarity – accessible 24/7 via desktop or mobile app
  • PDF Cookbooks
  • Health Questionnaires to Bring Guidance
  • Printable Resources for Shopping and Your Home
  • Access to Community Support
  • Weekly Live Meetings for Q&A Support and Accountability
  • Bonus: Meal Prep Structure to Save You Money and Time

What Past Clients Are Saying

We were able to address my fatigue and weight gain pre-pregnancy, then we managed my stress and early-pregnancy morning sickness, and most recently we’ve introduced some new balances of foods to help fight anemia and sugar cravings.

I’ve gained less weight this pregnancy, and despite stressful circumstances have been able to keep up my energy and pace.


After one week of eating well, I couldn’t BELIEVE how good I felt. I don’t think I’d ever felt like that.

I had more energy than I knew what to do with. So, I headed to the gym. Between cardio and eating nourishing foods, I felt like I could take on the world. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of results may I expect?

While INA can’t guarantee specific results but what you may expect are:

  • Better metabolic health that influences your hormones, mental clarity, sleep quality, mental outlook, and stress response positively.
  • Less bloating, less digestive discomfort, and improved bowel movements.
  • Clearer & plumper skin that is a byproduct of adequate nutrition, hydration, and lifestyle
  • A better relationship with food that’s more peaceful and enjoyable
  • Less time cooking because you have a game plan that works for you
  • Peace of mind when you’re eating out, are on vacation, or on the go. You know to nourish yourself in any situation.

Results may vary because we’re all bio-individuals with unique bodies. Past clients have lost weight, improved their digestion, improved their auto-immune symptoms, lowered their blood pressure, reduced their food sensitivities, improved their mental health, rebalanced their hormones, and reversed their pre-diabetes.

INA isn’t a program to treat or diagnose any condition (visit your MD) but it may be a tool to assist you in gaining dietary clarity.

My main goal is to lose weight. Is INA right for me?

You can try a restrictive diet to force your body to lose weight and may find yourself successful in meeting your goals initially. But does that weight stay off once you come off the diet or does the weight creep back after?

Sustainable weight loss is multi-faceted and requires adequate nourishment, balanced hormones, deep sleep, a healthy gut, stress recovery, peace with self, joy in your life, and movement. Losing weight that stays off and doesn’t require strict dietary maintenance often takes TIME, consistency, and work.

INA is not a loose weight quick program, but rather the objective is to support the many other markers of health in a sustainable way. It’s a bigger-picture program and won’t guarantee weight loss but rather weight loss or reduced bloating is often a happy byproduct.


What if I'm not happy with my results?

While may expect to make powerful gains in six weeks, here’s the deal, resolving your symptoms in their entirety won’t happen overnight. Restoring nutrient deficiencies or rebalancing dysregulated blood sugar, repairing the sleep deficit that you’ve struggled with for decades takes consistency but not perfection.

Six weeks is a great foundation but it’s up to you to continue what you learned and seek support outside of INA.

If you’re not ready to roll up your sleeves and really dive into your health and pantry, this program isn’t for you. What I can guarantee is a deep understanding of your health, how to nourish yourself, and how to make nutrition a lifestyle and not a fad-diet. If you participate in the self-led modules, participate in the coaching calls, and get involved in the community you will see results and make peace with nutrition. In a nutshell… if you do the work you will see results.

I firmly believe that the system that I’ve honed by with working hundreds of people works. INA is a powerful structure that will give you the tools for improved dietary clarity as long as you continue to care for yourself with compassion.

Do I need to be on social media to access the community?

Nope! The community can be accessed via your account either on your desktop or mobile app.

I want to complete INA with a group of friends/church/coworkers is this possible?

Absolutely! Reach out to for more information about virtual and in-person sessions.

I'm a medical professional and would like to support my patients/clients with INA.

Reach out to  to see if INA is a good fit for your practice.